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 Our Story 

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   It all started with two old souls and a boundless love for exploring the uncharted. Joao Silveira, born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, BR, in 2016 went onto pursuing his college degree at Lindenwood University, located in Missouri, US. Roughly three years of being a student-athlete, Joao fell in love with Sybil Berneking, Troy, MO native, and from then on, Explore's journey began.

   Two years had passed and in 2020, Joao decided to take Sybil to visit his family back in Rio for the very first time. However, what they didn't know, is that this trip would change their lives forever.  It was 5 days into the trip, on January 7th, 2020, after hang-gliding from Pedra Bonita mountain top, that he proposed and Sybil not only fell in love with him once again, but also with Rio de Janeiro.

   Later on, Explore was finally getting off paper and into reality. A couple of months passed and the soon to be married couple decided this new chapter of their journey would take place back in Brazil. Soon after that, Explore took off!

   They like to define their company as a gateway for one of the most unique cultures in the world.

   Rio is home to one of the most peculiar heritages you could possibly imagine, and Explore is here to not just show you but give you a true submersion into this city's natural elegance.


   Explore offers custom itineraries, car rentals, housing, guided excursions and much more! With housing located around several touristic points and only a few steps away from the beach, you are surely in for an adventure you will never forget!

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Our Company Headquarters

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